Welcome to Social Psychiatress, a blog for the everyday guy or gal.


Written by yours truly.  Who am I exactly?

I’m just me: Kate, a 23 year old college grad with a psych degree and a fascination for how people tick.  I’m still young, still trying to figure out this thing called life, just like any of you.  So why, you ask, should you listen to me?  Well that choice is up to you, but as a lover and student of psych I will make you two guarantees on this blog.  1:  I will always be honest to the best of my resources and knowledge, and 2:  When I can I will pull information from a credible source (journal articles, research studies, etc.) and provide you with that information so you know that you can trust it.   I’m not here to spin you some bullcrap just to get the webpage hits and I genuinely hope that these blogposts will be helpful to you.  Some posts might pull on personal experience or just be my own personal musings (see blog post Can You Still Feel It?), but the main aim of this site is to provide you with credible information and resources that will help you in your life.  So welcome to Social Psychiatress.  Take a look around, try to learn something new, and decide for yourself what you think.


Above all, I hope you enjoy the site and that maybe I can help to make your day just a little bit more interesting 🙂




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